What can Studio Stacks do for you?

The website

This image shows the screen for adding a new page to your website

Easily add, edit and delete content yourself

Every Studio Stacks website allows for easy maintenance by its owner. By means of a personal username and password you will have access to your website’s back end. The back end of a website is the ‘back stage’ area where you can manage your content. The image above shows the window for adding a new Page. You might recognise the looks because of its similarities to text editors such as Word.

Prominently placed at the top you will find the title field. The title of a page automatically becomes the name of a link or button. So when you see a button labeled About, it means that clicking the button brings you to a page titled About.

The actual contents of the page have to be entered in the big field below. The buttons allow you style the page. Making text bold, italic. Change the colouring, its alignment. Everything works the same way you’re used to in your text editor. It’s that easy.

You want to add a photograph? With or without a caption? Do you want your photo to be placed in the center of the page or would you rather see it placed to the left with the text moving nicely along the right side of it? it sounds challenging but it’s just a matter of a click.

A Studio Stacks website offers power and ease.

  • Easily create new pages
  • New links are generated automatically when a new page is created
  • Text editing & styling according to familiar standards
  • Easily add and position images
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