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The search engines

An overview of the 3 biggest search engines. Google has by far the biggest market share of all

The search engine is the new phone book

You really should regard a search engine such as Google, as the new phone book. But a phonebook that works slightly different than the traditional ones. These days, you are no longer found by category, but by product. People don’t search for a printer but for business cards. They’re not searching for a LCD television, but they search for Panasonic Viera TC-P65VT25 3D (for example).

And people are not searching just to get product information. In some case, people know exactly where to go, but they’re searching for additional information. This could be opening hours, a phone number or an address with driving directions. These are just a few examples of how search engines are used these days.

You are probably aware of the fact that a good position on Google’s search results page’s is very desirable for every entrepreneur. So it should not surprise you that getting there will be a challenge.

Content is king

A search engine such as Google is basically a machine; fully automated with no human intervention. It doesn’t have any knowledge or preferences other than the content we feed him. You basically start from scratch and you have to fully introduce yourself to this machine. The only thing that a search engine goes on is what we tell it.

Also, it doesn’t know what what’s right and what’s wrong. It needs others to be the judge of that. Therefore it not only looks at your content, but also at what other websites are writing about you. The more websites write about you, to more valuable Google presumes your content to be. And some websites are more likely to share important information than others. So for that reason Google will value the opinion of a national newspaper a bit higher than the content of a website run by your neighbour.

Note that Google needs to find a link on a website which leads to your website in order to identify you as being the topic of that particular article. Of course it will look at the context, but the link is proof that the article relates to you.

Introducing your website to the search engines

But before you can even start thinking about that, you have introduce yourself to the search engines. Tell them that you exist. Because in the first days of any website nobody will be writing about it just yet. To speed up this process a bit, we can submit your website’s domain and some information regarding its structure. That way, the search engines know where to look for your content.

It will not put your website at the number 1 position. That is a long road which requires both patience and hard work. It requires you to add to and update your content continuously. It requires active networking so other websites know about you and have something to write about your website. And it will take time. After about 4 weeks you should be able to find your website by searching for its name (unless it is a very common name). But for your website to be found in Google on valuable keywords is a process that takes up many months.