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The designs

This pictures shows one design from a collection of over 100 original Studio Stacks website designs

Over 100 designs to choose from

233,848,493 is the number of online websites as of December 2009, according to the Netcraft Web Server Survey. Of course we didn’t look at all of them, but we did study quite a few and based on our findings we decided on the general structure of our website designs. In general, information on websites can be categorized as following:

  • The welcome message – generally found under the home button
  • Company information – generally found under the About or About Us button
  • Contact information & details – generally found under the Contact button
  • Information on the product or service offered
  • Other

This categorization has resulted in all Studio Stacks website designs having (at least) 5 prominently placed buttons to make navigating your website as easy as possible. Besides this, none of Studio Stacks’ design have any limitations to the number of sub pages that can be added behind these buttons.

The image above shows a Studio Stacks website design in which the About Us button has been pressed. By clicking this button a page will be displayed which contains general information about the company behind that website. However, the owner decided to add additional sub pages to cover certain aspects in more detail. In this example, on the left side of the image, you can see links to sub pages which will bring the visitor to pages containing more information about “The founder” and “The history” of the company.

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