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This image shows a screen capture of Google Analytics. Analytics will give you details information regarding your website's visitors

How popular is your website?

Obviously it is very interesting to see just how many people visit your website. How do people reach your website? How many pages do they look at on average? Which page is your most popular one? And how long are they sticking around? Making use of a statistics service can help you to find answers to these questions.

Website vs Brochure

The greatest advantage of a website over a brochure is the ability to get insight into your reader’s behaviour. When you print a brochure you can’t do much more than distribute it and wait to see what happens. Wait to find out if your brochure has managed to capture your reader’s attention and they are getting back to you.

When it comes to a website, this process becomes less passive. By using the right tools it is possible to determine where visitors lose their interest and leave your website. It also enables you to see from which page visitors are more likely to contact you. All this information is incredibly valuable when trying to get as many customers as possible. It allows you to pinpoint the pages that need to be optimised in order to increase your sales. In internet jargon this is called your conversion rate: the percentage of your visitors you manage to convert to potential clients.

So the days of guessing the impact of your content finally belong to the past. Today, you know exactly what works and what doesn’t work for your visitors and you can adjust your content accordingly.

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