What can Studio Stacks do for you?

More functionality

Productivity will increase with Google Apps implemented into your domain. This comes standard in the Gold deal

Your domain becomes your new office

Many entrepreneurs spend most of their time on the road, especially those running their business completely by themselves. An office might be regarded as a luxury good, but how much time can you really spend there? If it’s not for meeting a client, there’s probably an event to attend, a lunch with a fellow entrepreneur, a workshop or something else where your attendance is appreciated.

Wouldn’t it be great to just spend a few days in the office behind the computer to go through all those little admin tasks that are awaiting your attention?

Google Apps takes care of this problem. It removes the necessity of being in the office to get your office work done. In stead it moves your office online and integrates it with your domain. It offers services such as a word processor, a speadsheets application and an advanced calendar all of which can be used online.

With Google Apps you can access your documents anywhere, anytime

With your computer at home, with your laptop when on the road or on your smart phone when waiting at a bar or in a lobby. Everywhere you can access your files and work on them.


Additionally, collaboration projects become easier than ever before. You can share calendars which takes all the pain out of the planning process. Multiple people can work on the same document so you never have to deal with merging multiple revisions ever again. Quickly discuss topics by voice, video or text with the messenger and share experiences directly after recording them with your mobile phone or webcam.

Google Apps is a standard element of the Gold deal.

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