What can Studio Stacks do for you?

Domain & hosting

This image shows a browser's address bar with the Studio Stacks domain and logo

The internet address and the storage of your website

Essentially every website consists of three elements:

  • The domain (also known as internet address or URL)
  • The hosting
  • The website

A domain is necessary to enable visitors to find and access your website. It is your website’s address on the internet. The domain of this page for example is studiostacks.com

Hosting is the storage of your website on the internet. A domain can be seen as a shortcut to a particular folder on a computer which stores your website. This computer is turned on 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week and it is directly connected to the internet. It allows your visitors to access your website at the time they want. Night or day.

It is possible to purchase each of these element separately from the other. So it would be possible to purchase a domain from supplier A, the hosting from supplier B and the website from supplier C. Maybe you’ve already purchased a domain with hosting earlier and now are only now looking to get a website for it. For that reason Studio Stacks offers its Bronze deal. Both the Silver and the Gold deals have a domain and hosting included in the price.

Studio Stacks can only offer limited support for websites hosted elsewhere. Therefore it will probably still be worth your while to go for a Silver or Gold deal.

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