Picture Fade: Adding a featured subpage

The Picture Fade design allows you to feature pages on the left side of every page of your website.

This picture shows an example of a featured page in the Picture Fade Design

Every subpage you add under the middle button will be featured automatically. By default this is any subpage added under Button 3, but of course this button can have any name.

This picture points out the middle button of the Picture Fade design

  1. Sign in to the administration panel of your website
  2. Click in the menu on the left side on Pages
  3. Enter a title for the new page
  4. Enter the content for the new page
  5. Go to the panel on the right side of your screen called Page Attributes. From the pull down menu under Parent select the title of the middle button (Button 3 in this example)
    This picture show what option to select in the parent pull down menu in the Page Attributes panel
  6. Now scroll down the page a little bit until you find the Custom Fields panel in the middle of your screen. Now enter ‘subtitle‘ in the Name field and describe the contents of this new page in one short sentence in the Value field. Like so:
    This picture displays the Custom Fields panel and what to enter into these fields
    If ‘subtitle‘ was used before this will be remembered. The next time you want to add this, you can simply select ‘subtitle‘ from a pull down menu like so:
    This picture shows the Custom Fields menu with a pull down menu under Name so subtitle does not have to be entered again
  7. When you filled in both fields press Add Custom Field
  8. Now scroll back up again and click on the right side of your screen on the Publish button (or if you were editing this page you can press the Update button)

Picture Fade: Adding a featured subpage - Demonstration Video