Adding a news update

Having a news section on your website is a brilliant way to show your visitors and clients what is going on in the company. Besides the topics you are writing about in your news section, it definitely shows your visitors that you actually care about your website. Even though you are not talking to them directly, you are showing that you appreciate the fact that they visit your site by regularly updating it. And nothing says that better then the date next to a news article. This also means to you can’t neglect this part either. A news section where the latest article dates back several months or even years looks really bad.

But the steps to add a news update are so easy that it doesn’t take you any effort to share you’re latest hire, announce an upcoming event or welcome you’re newest client  with the rest of the world. It literally just takes seconds!

  1. Sign in to your website by adding /wp-admin at the end of your internet address.
  2. By adding wp-admin at the end of your domain you can sign in to your website to add content or make changes

  3. Scroll till you see the QuickPress box.
  4. Enter a title.
  5. Write a little article in the Content field.
  6. Press Publish at the bottom right of the QuickPress box and you’re all done!

In the video below I’ll prove that it’s only a matter of seconds (ok, I admit, the article is very short, but still…)