Embedding a video

Embedding a video from for example YouTube or Vimeo to your pages can be done easily.

  1. Sign in to the administration panel of your website
  2. Open the page you wish to embed the video in or add a new page
  3. Below the text field where you type the content of your page you’ll find a window called Custom Fields. You might have to scroll down a bit.
    An image of the Custom Fields panel
  4. In the field under Name enter a one word label for your video. For example vimeo.If you see a pull down menu under Name in stead of an empty field, then first press the link Enter new and enter the label in the field that appears now.
    The Custom Fields window with the select menu

  5. In the empty field under Value enter the embed code from YouTube or Vimeo.
    The whole thing should then look something like this:
    The custom fields entered to embed a vimeo video
  6. Finally you have to place the video on your page. To do so, scroll back up again to the text field where you can enter the page content. Now find the position where you wish to place the video.
    Make sure you’re on an empty line. You might have to press enter once. To add your video there, enter the following:

    Change label to the one word label you’ve given your video. In our example this was vimeo so for us this would look like this:

    Enter this text to position the video in your article

  7. Now press Publish (or Update if you are editing a previously saved page) on the right side of your screen and you’re done.