Creating a link to other information on the same page

In some cases it is necessary to link to certain parts of the content on the same page. Maybe your page has various paragraphs and you wish to start the page with a few links which scroll automatically to these various paragraphs.

For this to be possible, you need to work with identifiers to give your paragraphs a unique ID. You can then easily link to these IDs.

The method described here assumes that you are giving your paragraphs titles (which also brings structure to large amounts of information). This method also turns the paragraph title into a header 2, which means you don’t have to give it any styling. Header 2 titles have this by default.

If you’re familiar with MS Word, then you can compare this to Heading 2: one level under the main page title (which is by default always a header 1).

How to add a title with an ID?

(This title is for example an header 2 title).

  1. Open an existing page or start a new page on your website
  2. Place the cursor in your page at the location where you want the paragraph title to appear. Make sure you’re on an empty line (you may have to press the Enter button on your keyboard once)
  3. Here you type in the new paragraph title
  4. Move the cursor back to the beginning of the title you just typed and enter the following:
  5. [heading id="your_unique_ID"]
  6. Now move the cursor all the way to the end of your new title and enter:
  7. [/heading]
  8. Now change your_unique_ID to a unique word which will become the ID of that new paragraph.
    A smart way to do this is to think of a word that is central or important in this paragraph. That way your ID is related to the content of the paragraph which is good for Google.
    Make sure that it is only one word.
  9. Ok, your paragraph title is all done now.

Now let’s create a link to this paragraph.

  1. Type the wording of the link, select it and make it a link by clicking on the link button in the toolbar at the top of the page editing field
    This is the button you click for turning the selected=
  2. In the Insert/edit link window that appears now, enter a hash (#) sign followed by your unique ID. Like so: #your_unique_ID
    You link to an identifier or an anchor of your page by entering a hash sign and adding the name of the identifier
    * Enter the identifier you choose in step 6 above.
  3. Leave the Target field as is
  4. Do enter a Title. This will make it more clear to your visitors and also for search engines when they index your pages.
  5. Leave the Class field as it is
  6. Press Insert when you’re done
  7. Press Publish or Update to save your page and you’re done.

Here are 2 examples:

  • This link will go to “How to add a header 2 title with an ID?”
  • This link will bring you to “How to link to a paragraph with an ID?”