Creating a link to another page or website

Quite ofter you want to refer to information which is available on another page or even an entire different website. To allow your visitors easy access to all the information that you consider relevant, you can create link.

By adding a link to a word, you enable your visitors to go directly to the information you are referring to by clicking on that word. So how do you create a link?

  1. Sign in to the administration panel of your website
  2. Open the page you wish to embed the video in or add a new page
  3. Enter the text you wish to add the link to
  4. Select the text you wan to make ‘clickable’
  5. In the toolbar (the buttons at the top of the editing window) press the button with the icon that resembles a closed chain
    This is the button you click for turning the selected=
  6. A little window appears now in which you enter all the info needed to create a link:
    This image shows a screenshot of the window in which you enter all the information regarding the link

    • The Link URL : Here you enter the internet address (the URL) of the page or website you wish to link to.
    • The Target: Here you decide if you want that page or website to be opened in a new window (or tab) or in the same window as the page you are adding the link to (thereby leaving that page).
    • The Title: Sometimes, when you move your cursor over a link, a little yellow balloon appears, giving you some information about that link. That information comes from the Title field. Not only is this very useful for your visitors, but you are also giving search engines such as Google more information about your page (which is a good thing!).
    • The Class field you can skip.
  7. When you’re done entering all the information in the Insert/edit link window, you press Insert. You will now see that the text you selected for creating the link is now coloured blue and is underlined.
  8. Now press Publish (or Update if you are editing a previously saved page) on the right side of your screen and you’re done.