Adding a new subpage

If you want to sum up all the things your company does (all the products you sell or all the services you offer) you will probably end up with quite a list. All these things are very important to mention and describe on your website however, putting them all on the frontpage of your site can easily lead to an information overkill and rather scare visitors away than convincing them to do business with you. Therefore we have to work with sub pages.

On the frontpage of your website you’ll have a link called products, services or both. Clicking on these links will open up a page presenting either all your products or all your services. Therefore all your product pages are sub pages of the Products page. The same goes for the services.

When you want to add a product or service to your website, you will have to create a new sub page of either the Products page or the Services page. And when creating a new sub page of the Products page, we label the Products page as the parent of the sub page.
This images shows the different layers of pages in WordPress.

To add a new product of service page do the following:

  1. Sign in to your website by adding /wp-admin to your website’s domain
    By adding wp-admin at the end of your domain you can sign in to your website to add content or make changes
  2. Fill in your username and your password and click on Log In (or simply press enter).
  3. Click on Pages in the menu on the left side of your screen.
  4. Now click on Add New either on the link appearing under the Pages button you’ve just clicked or on the button at the top of the page next to “Edit pages”.
  5. Fill in the title of your new product or service. The title will appear on the top of your page and will also be the tekst of the link on your website.
  6. In the field below the title you can enter the description of the product or service. You can enrich the looks of the page by adding for example images to it. If you have knowledge on HTML you can even design your own page by clicking on the HTML-tab on the right side of the text field. If you’re not familiar with HTML I suggest you stay away from this tab and leave it on Visual (the tab next to HTML) at all times.
  7. Scroll down till you see the Attributes box. Here you first select the parent of the page. If you’re adding a product to your website you have to select Products here. If you are adding a service then you select Services as a parent.
  8. The Products and Services pages look a little different then the other pages do. The Products page displays the links to all the products on the right side of the screen and the same goes for the services. To make those links appear on the Products and Services pages you have to change a lay out of the page to a different setting. Therefore you have to select the Products template when adding a product page and select the Service template when adding a service to your website.
  9. Now scroll till you see the Publish box. On the bottom right side of this box you’ll see a big blue button with white letters saying Publish. Click this button to publish your new page. If you’re not completely sure about it yet or you didn’t finish the page yet, you can also click on Save Draft and continue editing your page at another time.

The video below gives you a visual demonstration of the steps described above.

Adding a new subpage - Demonstration Video