Simple Events Calendar 1.3.2

Download the Simple Events Calendar v1.3.2 plugin now.

Installation instructions at the bottom of this document.

Icon of a calendar for WordPress plugin Simple Events Calendar

What does the plugin do?

The Simple Events Calendar is a WordPress plugin developed to allow WordPress site owners to easily add upcoming events to their posts or pages. Every event is published and microformated as a hCalendar event, thus fully semantic.

Simple Events Calendar adds a new option to the admin Dashboard where users can add new events or delete existing ones. Events can contain URLs to get more info and for the location. The latter could for example be used at add the link to a Google Map.

Adding events to your page or post

You can easily place your events in any post or page by adding the following text (shortcode):


Screenshot of a website with events displayed from the WordPress Plugin Simple Events Calendar

Using labels to add specific events

In some cases it might be desirable to only display certain events. Let’s say you’re organizing workshops on online marketing and also on UX. If you create a page to explain what people can expect when they attend your UX workshop, you may want to include the dates when this event takes place. But it wouldn’t make any sense to display the dates of the online marketing workshop.

To deal with this issue, you can add labels to your events. By calling a label, only the events with that label are displayed. So if we give our UX workshop events the label UX, we can display only the UX workshops like so:

[events label=ux]

Screenshot from an event displayed on a page from the WordPress Plugin Simple Events Calendar with label=ux

Upcoming, expired or both

By default only upcoming events will be displayed. If you wish to display both upcoming and expired events you can do so by adding the age element.

[events age=all] will display every event stored.

If you want to display your passed event simply add age=expired:

[events age=expired]

Label and age can be used together.

[events label=ux age=all] would display all upcoming and passed events that have the ux label.

Advanced Settings

With the new Advanced Settings a number of feature requests have been implemented.

  • Change the 24 hour military time to the 12 hour clock notation.
  • Set your timezone.
  • Set how you want the links in your events to be opened
  • Disable the new Twitter functionality (by doing a full disable here, the JavaScript will not be loaded)
  • Set the minimum authorization level for people to manage the events

How does it look?

Adding new events in the Simple Events Calendar - now with end date again

Full details of all options and features of the plugin

The latest version of the plugin has been described in full detail in this blogpost. Read everything or jump directly to a specific topic:


Download the Simple Events Calendar

Download the Simple Events Calendar v1.3.2 plugin now.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the WordPress plugin Simple Events Calendar
  2. Unpack the zipped file
  3. Copy the directory including its files to the plugin directory of your WordPress installation
    (make sure it is uploaded to/wp-content/plugins/simple-events-calendar/)
  4. Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress installation
  5. Open te plugin menu
  6. Activate the Simple Events Calendar

Your feedback

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