Why are your prices for web design so low?

Over the past couple of years the internet and more specifically your internet browser has matured in a great way. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera have become very powerful applications which are capable of advanced functions. So what does this have to do with the low price of Studio Stacks web design?

Reason 1

All websites of Studio Stacks are build on WordPress

Studio Stacks builds on WordPress

For starters browsers kept pushing the boundaries for web developers: highly technical people who specialise in developing web applications that can be used on a web site. Content Management Systems, or simply CMSs have made huge steps. A CMS is an application which enables website owners to login to the backend of their website and make various adjustments themselves without the need of any technical knowledge. Of course it will make life easier if you’re familiar with computers and the internet, but that’s about it.

Next to the fact that these CMSs become more powerful, they also  became very popular in the open-source community. This basically means that groups of volunteers develop these applications and distribute them for free. As a result Studio Stacks does not have to develop this in-house nor does it have to make investments to be able to use this technology: a huge money saver.

Reason 2

Studio Stacks develops its websites in advance, prior to orders. This way you can see what is available and you’ll know exactly what you are getting. No nasty surprises, no unexpected delays. Just geting what you want and getting it fast. Because we develop our work in advance we can guarantee that every website will be live in just 48 hours. Additionally, this efficiency also helps us to keep the prices of our web design very competitive.

So in a nutshell…

Fabulous websites from just 199So $279 gets you an amazing website really fast. A website of which you own and control the content yourself. Like it should be.

And despite the low price we don’t compromise on quality. We know that your website is your shop window to the online world. You may not have an office with ocean view or  masterchefs to cook you lunch, but you can present an amazing image to the outside world with a fabulous Studio Stacks website.

Convinced? Try it yourself: