About Studio Stacks

Studio Stacks was founded in Dublin Ireland on February 1st 2010 by former Googler Jerry Rietveld.

What’s in a name?

Studio Stacks is one of Ireland’s fastest growing web companies. Studio Stacks aims to help stacks of businesses set up their own websites at low cost. In short, our aim is to get every Irish business online!

What’s Studio Stacks’ Mission?

Studio Stacks’ mission is two-fold: one part idealistic and one part realistic.

Studio Stacks is idealistic, in that we dream about the internet being a beautiful place where every website is a little gem worth a visit. Studio Stacks wants to do whatever it can to make this fantasy a little bit more real.

Studio Stacks is realistic in that we strive to make business websites affordable for everyone, breaking down the price barrier for all organisations.

What does Studio Stacks do?

Studio Stacks is the result of a passion for internet technology, graphic design and helping people. It is that passion that drives us to continually improve our products and support our clients to achieve their perfect website.

Therefore our product is simple: fabulously designed websites using advanced internet technology which make site management a walk in the park for just about anyone. It really is easy, fast and effective! Have a look here at what $279 gets you.