WordPress Plugin: Simple Events Calendar

We’ve just finished our first WordPress plugin: the Simple Events Calendar. It’s a very lightweight event planner that allows you to create your events in a central place and publish them on your posts and pages.

Microfortmats: hCalendar

Every event is published with the hCalendar microformats to make it fully semantic, thereby optimising its indexability.

Never outdated

By default the plugin will only display upcoming events. Expired events will be removed for your pages and posts. This way your articles will always look updated.

If you wish to do so, you can display the expired events or both the upcoming and the expired events.

Group your events

By giving your events labels you can use that information to display only events that have that label.

Download the Simple Events Calendar

Download the Simple Events Calendar v0.1 plugin now.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the WordPress plugin Simple Events Calendar
  2. Unpack the zipped file simple-events.zip
  3. Copy the directory including its files to the plugin directory of your WordPress installation
    (make sure it is uploaded to/wp-content/plugins/simple-events/)
  4. Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress installation
  5. Open te plugin menu
  6. Activate the Simple Events Calendar

Your feedback

Please let me know what you think and leave your comments below.


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19 responses to “WordPress Plugin: Simple Events Calendar”

  1. jane jennings says:

    is there a way to make it regular time instead of military time? love the plugin

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Jane,

      Happy to hear that you like it. I’m working on the the timezone feature as we speak. It should roll out somewhere this week (i hope).


  2. Brandon says:

    This could be probably one of the best event plugins I’ve run across! However, it’s lacking one small feature which is the ability to ad an image to the event posts. As far as I can tell there is no way to do this. Are there any plans to implement this feature in the future or is there currently a way to do it now that I’m unaware of??? Thanks ahead of time!!!

  3. Jerry says:

    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for your kind words! I like your suggestion of enabling it to add an image to an event. I will definitely look into this!


  4. Jana says:

    Thanks for the plugin- just what we need! I added it to the sidebar in a text widget, but it shows up “above” the text widget title I used “Events”. Is this my theme’s issue? Do you have any suggestions to fix this?
    Thanks again!

  5. Jerry says:

    Hi Jana,

    I’ve looked into it and the problem occurs because the shortcode ‘prints’ the output instead of ‘returning’ it. I will correct this in the plugin asap, but in the meantime, if you want to do this yourself, go to line 515 which says:


    Change that to:


    and it should work as intended.


  6. Jerry says:

    Hi Jana,

    I’ve just updated the plugin and submitted it to WordPress. You should see an update notification soon.


  7. Frances says:

    Hi Jerry,

    I love this plugin! It’s super simple and easy to use. I am using this for client and I have one question. Is there a way to do recurring events without having to input them over and over?


    • jgrietveld says:

      Hi Frances,

      At the moment there is no faster way to put in recurring events. I like the feature, so i’ll look into adding this. Thanks.


  8. Kim says:

    I expected to see a Calendar not just a list of items/events.

    Am I doing something wrong, how do i see the calendar.

  9. Katherine says:

    Is it possible to limit the number of events shown when using in a text widget? If there are like 15 events, to just show the next 2 in the sidebar?

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hi Katherine,

      This is not an option yet, but I like your idea. I will make that an option in the next feature! Thanks!


  10. Chris says:

    this is a really good plugin. Nice Work.
    But how can I change the output of the months in German language??

    • jgrietveld says:

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for using my plugin. I’m working on localizing the plugin at the moment. So hopefully in the next update!


  11. Hi, Jerry,

    We LOVE your plugin! It’s simple and just what we have been looking for!

    Our question is how to edit. Once the event is submitted, w can find no way to go back and make any corrections for things like typo’s, or to just change the description. Are we missing something?

    Also, for the other user, regarding a photo…we have just inserted a small photo right into the page or post and THEN adding the shortcode. The pix appears to the left and the description of the event appears very nicely right along side! Works great for us, so far, for what we need. Thought this would help the above user until you can make your changes!

    Thanks again for the great plugin and thanks in advance for your help with the editing issue!

    Linda and Mario

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Linda & Mario,

      Thank you so much for your lovely words and for your tip regarding the addition of photos to the events list. I’ve spend a lot of time building this plugin so it’s great to hear back from the users. I really like your suggestion to enable editing previously stored events, so I will have a look at implementing that functionality.

      Thanks again guys!


  12. Sorry for another email.

    Is there a limit to the amount of text that can be entered in the description box — that amount of text which will then appear on the page/post? When we went back to re-write one of our events, we were able to “enter” everything in the description box, however, once saved and the short code correctly added, only a very short portion of the description appeared. Are we doing something wrong? Can you offer any suggestions or help?

    Again, THANKS! for a fantastic, and super simplistic event plug in!

    Linda & Mario

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Linda & Mario,

      You’re right, the textfield is limited to 250 characters. I’m working on an update which I plan to release today. This version will display the number of characters left. The reason for this limit is to keep the database holding the events fast. Best way for adding more info is to write a post/page for an event and then add the url of that page to the event in the Event URL field.


  13. Jerry says:

    Version 1.0 of the Simple Events Calendar plugin just went live. You’ll probably see the update on your Dashboard. Most of the feature requests have been implemented. Please read the new blogpost about the update and the new features.

    You can find the blogpost here: Simple Events Calendar v1.0

    Please let me know what you think. I’m looking forward to all your feedback. Please comment on the new blogpost. I will close the comments on this one.

    Thanks to all of you for your feedback and for using the plugin!