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A few examples of professional but cheap web design from Studio Stacks

It sounds horrible, cheap web design, but there is no other way to call our work. It does not refer to the quality, but to our prices. Our cheapest version is just $279. This will get you a professionally designed website that you can maintain yourself. No longer do you depend on your web designer, your cousin or a friend of a friend to change that one sentence. Or to change that picture. All websites from Studio Stacks offer the ability to login to your website and change everything you want to change yourself. We will provide you with a unique username and a password and thereby empowering you to take control of your own content. And all of that for just $279! That’s simply really cheap web design right?

A self-manageable website is only $279

Every website on our site is just 199: that is seriously cheap web designBut a cheap website alone doesn’t get you there yet. For a website to work, it needs a home and an address. When we talk about the home of a website, we refer to web hosting: the place on the web where the website gets stored. A place on the hard drive of a web server somewhere in the world. The internet is basically a spiderweb of interconnected web servers. All web servers together make the internet and for a website to work, it needs to get a home on one of those web servers.

Compare it to building a house in the middle of a field: in order for people to find you, you will need an address. The same goes for your website. The address of a website is often referred to as the domain or the domain name. In our case for example this is www.studiostacks.com. It’s the internet address to the home of Studio Stacks. So long story short, a website needs a home and an address to be accessible for visitors on the internet. Because some people already have a domain name (internet address) and web hosting (the home of a website), we offer just the website for $279. But for those who need everything, we offer a professionally designed website with a domain name and web hosting for just 50 euro’s more. So at only $279 you get high quality cheap web design including a home and an address.

A professional website including hosting and a domain is only $279

Get a complete website with hosting and a domain and still enjoy cheap web designThere is one thing you need to know about web hosting and internet domain names: you don’t buy them, but you lease them. We have invested in web servers to provide you with fast an reliable web hosting. For occupying space on our web server you will receive an invoice from Studio Stacks every year. At a charge of €8.25 per month, which comes down to €99 per year, we will host your website, keep it secure and make sure you can enjoy – and keep enjoying – superb performance.

The same goes for the domain name. You cannot buy a domain name, but you can see it as a subscription. Every year you’ll receive an invoice which gives you total ownership of that domain name for a period of 12 months. And this domain will remain in your hands as long as you pay this yearly ‘subscription’ fee. When you let this 12 month period expire without renewing this contract, your domain will become available again to anybody who is interested. The price of a domain name is determined by its extension. The extension is the letter combination at the end of a domain name. For www.studiostacks.com this would be .com. Some of the most common extensions you’re probably familiar with are .com, .ie, .co.uk, .org and .net. The price of domain names are quite low and most extensions will cost around €10 per year. An exception is the Irish national extension .ie which is slightly higher priced at around €30 per year.

Top it up with professional email and Google submission for just €100 more

The €249 deal, which we call our Silver Package, includes the web hosting and the domain name for the first 12 month period. That is seriously cheap web design! But Studio Stacks offers something more. Apart from cheap web design we offer super fast web design. We promise that within 7 days after purchasing one of our websites, it will be online on the domain you’ve selected. And that is super fast. Most web designers will need a period of time ranging from 2 months up to 6 months for a website to be finished.

So where do you start? How can you benefit from the professional but cheap web design of Studio Stacks? Click on any of the big green buttons you will find on studiostacks.com or scroll all the way to the top and there you click on ‘start now’. This will bring you to a page that shows you 10 website designs. (See, that this cheap web design looks pretty good!) Each of these 10 designs will lead to to a page that shows 12 variations of that design, getting the best match for your business. Clicking on the ‘Preview’ link on this page will bring up a live demo version of this website so you can see exactly what you are getting. Happy with what you see? Click on ‘Order now’ then select the package of options to go with your website and press ‘Select’ at the bottom of the option pack you desire. Next you’re asked to enter your details. Click on the PayPal button and follow PayPal’s instructions from there.

Security and the safety of your details were our main concerns when selecting a payment processor and PayPal provides this high level of security. PayPal recently upgraded its systems and doesn’t require you to have a PayPal account anymore. Just a credit card is enough to order our cheap web design.

After completing the checkout through PayPal you are redirected to the Studio Stacks website again. In case you’ve selected either the Silver of the Gold website package you will be asked to enter your desired domain name. You can check if your name is still available and if so you can request that right away and we will add this to your order.

Only 7 days later you will find your website live on the domain which you have requested. That is cheap web design according to Studio Stacks. Easy, fast, effective… and pretty cheap.

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