Lighten up Google

Google quite quickly became one of the world’s best known brands. Not just its name, but also its logo is recognized by millions or even billions. So making changes to the appearance of such an iconic brand can be very tricky. But despite the dangers Google decided to pimp its logo and the appearance of their search website as a whole.

Although the changes they applied are minor and very subtle, the result is a fresh and more appealing presentation of the big search engine and its result pages. The change that might even go unnoticed by some is the logo. Much of the shadow that was present before has been removed and the gradients (the transitions of one color to another) are warmer. The result is a more flat logo which doesn’t appear to be floating anymore. Have a look for yourself:

The Google logo after the redesign

The second big change can be found at the bottom of your search results, where there used to be a blue box giving you the option to go to the next or previous search result page and which gave you some search refinements options. The design team has removed the blue background here to make it look brighter. Also the dark blue of the links has been brighten up, the underlining has been removed and they have decreased the font size. All these changes made the bottom part of the result pages much more clear and clean compared to the previous situation.

Google redesigned the fotter of their search results pages

The final part of the Google makeover lies within the Search options panel on the left side of the screen. When you do a search you’ll now see a little Google icon on the left side that says Everything. Just below that icon you have the possibility to show more options by clicking on More. Doing so will make a list of search options and fresh new corresponding icons slide in. Very clear and colorful. Have a look:

Google added new icons to its search options

The Google redesign is an excellent display of how just a few tiny tweaks to an existing design can have such a huge effect on the presentation of a page. It also shows the importance of the detail. We all know the saying “a chain is as strong as its weakest link” and the same goes for designing web pages: A design is as strong as its worst pixel. Never think “nobody will see it if I leave it like this” because quite a number of people actually do see it. And besides that, you will always see it, when ever you look at it. Make sure you can look back at every design you do and be proud of it!


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