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Hello! Welcome to the Studio Stacks blog!

Today, Tuesday the 16th of March, Studio Stacks sees the light for the very first time. For this reason I think it would be very appropriate to introduce myself and I hope you’ll do the same thing. So who am I? Who or what is Studio Stacks? If you take it literally, Studio Stacks is a web design company. But we prefer to be called a web presence builder, because that is what Studio Stacks will be doing.

Studio Stacks wants every organisation to be present online. Why? Because the internet has taken over the traditional way of attracting customers and we have the feeling that a lot of organisations are missing out on this new trend. While they have no reason to. At least not anymore. Until today the biggest obstacles for organisations to build their online presence were money and knowledge. Having your website build has never been cheap and if you didn’t have an interest in technology and more specifically in IT, you probably don’t have a clue what these internet people are talking about.

Studio Stacks wants to move these obstacles out of the way by offering low priced design websites and by speaking plain English when explaining the features and giving instructions.

Full feature websites start at 199 euro at Studio Stacks. Why? Because at Studio Stacks we love designing. We love it so much that we don’t want to do much else then that. And that is exactly what we’re doing. We spend the entire day designing websites and when a site is ready, we will put it on our site as a template. Clients can pick this template, choose the color-mix they prefer, maybe select a few other options and purchase it. We build in your logo and set it up the way you selected it and within 7 days your website will be online.

Fear of having the same website as somebody else does? Who cares? The chance of that organisation being in the same line of business as you are is very small and the chance that that person picked the exact same color-mix is even smaller.

Today Studio Stacks presents you The Owlet theme, which is available in 12 color combinations. Many other templates will follow soon so keep an eye on our designs and check back regularly. Additionally if you want to stay informed on what’s happening on the web, do check our blog frequently. We will write articles on new trends, developments, tips to optimise your site’s performance, educate you on basic design skills and much more.

So welcome to Studio Stacks and thanks for your visit. Feel free to leave a comment, browse around, pop me an email, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or just bookmark the blog.

Jerry Rietveld
Studio Stacks

Studio Stacks

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2 responses to “Stacks, meet world. World meet Stacks!”

  1. Lee Bailey says:

    I am having some trouble with the simple events plugin. I am using wordpress 3.1 and for some reason the short code is not working in my template.
    Do you have a php code I can enter directly into the template.php page.
    Thanks in advance.

    PS. Great plugin.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t understand why the shortcode shouldn’t work. Make sure that you don’t have any HTML styling in the shortcode. Also, do type it in yourself rather than copying and pasting from the explanatory notes. This can sometimes cause problems as well.

      Hope this works for you.


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